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Tier 2 - covid 19 Terms & conditions

- Inside reservations must be from the same household.  Guests must complete a form on arrival to confirm they reside in the same household.

- Persons from different households may reserve tables outside for up to six people.

- All persons wishing to consume alcohol must order a substantial meal.  Reservations are for three hours maximum on Friday & Saturday and Sunday.

- Guests may order one alcoholic drink whilst reading the menu.  Upon ordering a second alcoholic drink, guests would be required to order a substantial meal. 

- Once meals are finished, guests will have drinking up time of the remaining allocation left in the three hour booking window up to a maximum 60 minutes. 

-  If, when booking you do not specify that you require an outdoor table, you will be confirming that all members of your party are from the same household and will automatically be allocated an indoor table.

- Customers must remain seated except when entering or exiting the venue, or going to use the bathroom. Face masks must be worn at all times when not seated.

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